Chrono Fall

At the End of Space and Time

We can look into the future.
We can change the future.
We have caused the end... the end of everything.

By experimenting with time, mankind has caused the collapse of the space-time continuum - the Chrono Fall. Rifts are emerging all over space, devouring everything in existence.
You are the captains of the SPARCs, special spaceships in the fight against the Chrono Fall. Fly to remotest places of space, advance technology with your scans and neutralise the dangerous Rifts. With the Chrono-Matrix you can foresee events and modify them, but this will only make the threat worse! Time is running out: can you complete the Protector together and thus avert the near end?

Chrono Fall: At the End of Space and Time, the new "Kennerspiel" by Ornament Games: cooperative, with unique mechanics and impressive table presence!

We will keep you informed about news here in the future.

EAN: 4170000031840