Seven years ago we had an idea for a cooperative sci-fi game. Even the first rough drafts already showed us then how much potential there was in this exciting adventure at the end of space and time. It was quickly clear to us: this is great, we have to publish it!

The unique game mechanics, the fascinating theme and the impressive table presence have motivated us since then to continuously develop this idea further. Along the way, we were able to excite numerous testers as well. Thanks to their help and inspiration, the game matured; proven elements were added and superfluous ballast was removed. Thus, on the basis of simple and comprehensible game principles, a complex game with several mechanical links was created. With each round, the threat to be averted becomes more acute.

Fly with your spaceships over a huge hexagonal coordinate system, collecting knowledge and increasing your skills. Look into the future with the unique Chrono Matrix and try to prevent the worst catastrophes by manipulating time. Keep the hyperspace tunnels free for the freighter fleet so that the supply of resources from the exoplanets to Earth remains secure. Only by optimally coordinating your individual skills will you be able to meet the various challenges. The greatest threat of all are the omnipresent rifts, ruptures in the space-time continuum, whose spread you urgently need to contain. They bring the end of past, present and future to the universe - the Chrono Fall!
Soon you will have the chance to experience this very special game live: At the SPIEL '23 in Essen we will present you our prototype of Chrono Fall: At the End of Space and Time!

Is there a future for the universe? It's in your hands! Prove your courage at our booth: 2E136 hall 2 and take command of one of four spaceships!
Product Details
1 - 4
45 - 150 Min

Stefan Scheidtweiler &
Christian Schäfer-Scheidtweiler

Samaneh Khoshbouy-Siakani,
Daniel Wilwers
exp. beginning of 2024
29.5 x 29.5 x 7 cm
84 x 56 cm

WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 months because of small parts that might be swallowed. Choking Hazard!

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