The release date of Chrono Fall: At the End of Space and Time is now confirmed:

We will present the produced game at the SPIEL DOCH! trade fair in Dortmund! At the same time, i.e. from 26th of April 2024, sales will start. You can now place orders in our online shop. We will then ship them from the 24th of April. If you buy in our online shop or at our exhibition booths, you will receive our promo pack for free!

How has Chrono Fall: At the End of Space and Time been rated in test games at past game fairs? Take a look at the reviews on boardgamegeek.com.
Seven years ago we had an idea for a cooperative sci-fi game. Even the first rough drafts already showed us then how much potential there was in this exciting adventure at the end of space and time. It was quickly clear to us: this is great, we have to publish it!

What is so special about

Chrono Fall: At the End of Space and Time


The unique game mechanics, the fascinating theme and the impressive table presence have motivated us since then to continuously develop this idea further. Along the way, we were able to excite numerous testers as well. Thanks to their help and inspiration, the game matured; proven elements were added and superfluous ballast was removed. Thus, on the basis of simple and comprehensible game principles, a complex game with several mechanical links was created. With each round, the threat to be averted becomes more acute.

Fly with your spaceships over a huge hexagonal coordinate system, collecting knowledge and increasing your skills. Look into the future with the unique Chrono Matrix and try to prevent the worst catastrophes by manipulating time. Keep the hyperspace tunnels free for the freighter fleet so that the supply of resources from the exoplanets to Earth remains secure. Only by optimally coordinating your individual skills will you be able to meet the various challenges. The greatest threat of all are the omnipresent rifts, ruptures in the space-time continuum, whose spread you urgently need to contain. They bring the end of past, present and future to the universe - the Chrono Fall!

Product Details
1 - 4
60 - 150 Min

Stefan Scheidtweiler &
Christian Schäfer-Scheidtweiler

Samaneh Khoshbouy-Siakani,
Daniel Wilwers
26th April 2024
29.5 x 29.5 x 7 cm
84 x 56 cm

WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 months because of small parts that might be swallowed. Choking Hazard!

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incl. VAT plus shipping costs
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"We are now entering hyperspace!" / Scientific background of "Chrono Fall"
At the game board, we are used to being taken into fantastic worlds. In "Chrono Fall - At the End of Space and Time", spaceships fly to exoplanets, humanity intervenes in the future timeline, and fictional elements are used as resources - a typical sci-fi game! But which of these is based on real physics? What is "science" and what is more "fiction"?
Ornament Games has asked two scientists from the Argelander Institut für Astronomie der Universität Bonn to provide reliable information that is both informative and entertaining: Christoph Schürmann and David Ohse helped with the editorial work on the game.
Thus, the rulebook contains short scientific articles on topics addressed in the game. The entire back of the large game board is also full of relevant astrophysical information. Starting on the box, estimation questions invite you to visualise the vast sizes and dimensions of the cosmic scale. And last but not least, the most realistic names and terms possible were found, for example to name the planets, events and technologies that appear in the game.
Christoph and David, thank you very much for your support!
Game rules video (German) - just watch and start playing!

Promo Pack
Play mat
Do you consider it impossible to save the universe without spaceship miniatures? Then https://kleingedrucktes.org/ has the right eight-piece accessory set for you! The four SPARCs and the four freighters in matching colours and shapes let you immerse yourself even deeper in the world of Chrono Fall: At the End of Space and Time.

Brett_und_spiel comments on Instagram:
Die wissenschaftliche Ausarbeitung in diesem Spiel ist grandios, in der Anleitung gibt es sehr viele Infotexte zum Thema, und auf der Packung sind viele tolle Facts. Optisch finde ich es sehr passend, die Playerboards sind extrem übersichtlich und einfach zu verstehen. (...)
Man befindet sich immer im Wechselbad der Gefühle. Es gibt Phasen, da bekommt man nur auf die Mütze, um kurz darauf wieder erfolgreicher zu sein und zu denken, man wird gewinnen, nur um im nächsten Moment wieder geerdet zu werden. Wer mit den Glücksfaktoren leben kann, bekommt ein wirklich tolles, herausforderndes Spiel mit vielen tollen Elementen.

The scientific elaboration in this game is superb, there is a lot of information about the topic in the rulebook, and there are lots of great facts on the box. In visual terms, I think it's very appropriate, the player boards are really well-arranged and easy to understand. (...)
You're always on a rollercoaster of emotions. There are phases when you just get smacked on the head, only to be more successful again shortly afterwards and think you're going to win, only to be brought back down to earth the next moment. If you can deal with the elements of luck, you get a really great, challenging game with lots of great features.
gamejunked comments on Instagram:
Ich mag sehr, dass es eine Herausforderung ist dieses Spiel zu gewinnen. (...) Wenn ihr Lust auf ein kooperatives Kennerspiel habt, seid ihr hier genau richtig.

I really like that it's a challenge to win this game. (...) If you're in the mood for a cooperative connoisseur game, you've come to the right place.
gamejunked comments on Instagram:
Ich mag sehr, dass es eine Herausforderung ist dieses Spiel zu gewinnen. (...) Wenn ihr Lust auf ein kooperatives Kennerspiel habt, seid ihr hier genau richtig.

I really like that it's a challenge to win this game. (...) If you're in the mood for a cooperative connoisseur game, you've come to the right place.
spielpunkt.net comments:
Nach zwei Partien mit Prototypen kann ich natürlich noch nicht alles am Spiel bewerten, aber trotzdem hat das Spiel bereits Eindruck gemacht. (...)
Das Spiel ist wirklich eine Herausforderung. Je näher man dem Ende kommt, umso enger wird es. Der Protector wächst, die Raumintegrität sinkt und der Vorrat an verfügbaren Rifts wird auch immer kleiner. All das kann man buchstäblich sehen.
Die Spannung ist am Spielende wirklich auf dem Höhepunkt. Jede Aktion, egal ob zufällig oder nicht, könnte den entscheidenden Unterschied machen. (...)
Wem Pandemie gefällt und wer sich bei Robinson Crusoe auch vom x-ten unvorhersehbaren Wintereinbruch nicht aus der Ruhe bringen lässt, wird mit Chrono Fall sehr viel Spaß haben.
Wie man es von einem kooperativen Spiel erwarten darf, gibt es hier praktisch keine Downtime. Man redet immer mit allen über jeden Zug. Niemand kann hier alles alleine regeln. Auch die Personenzahl scheint sich super anzupassen. (...)
Obwohl das Spiel so schwer zu gewinnen ist, sind die Aktionen und Abläufe super übersichtlich. Alles ist so eindeutig wie möglich gehalten, damit keine Unklarheiten aufkommen. Mit ein bisschen Übung findet man sich auch auf dem 400 Felder umfassenden 20×20 Hex-Koordinatensystem zurecht. Man sollte sich nicht vom 30-seitigen Regelheft abschrecken lassen. Hier wird wirklich alles ausführlich und kompakt erklärt. (...)

Of course, after two games with prototypes, I can't judge everything about the game yet, but the game has already impressed me. (...) The game really is a challenge. The closer you get to the end, the harder it gets. The Protector grows, the space integrity decreases and the supply of available rifts gets smaller and smaller. You can actually see all of this. The tension is really at its peak at the end of the game. Every action, whether accidental or not, could make the crucial difference. (...) If you like Pandemic and don't let the umpteenth unpredictable onset of winter upset you in Robinson Crusoe, you'll have a lot of fun with Chrono Fall. As you would expect from a co-operative game, there is barely any downtime here. You always talk to everyone about every move. Nobody can do everything on their own. The number of players also seems to adapt perfectly. (...) Although the game is so difficult to win, the actions and processes are super clear. Everything is kept as clear as possible so that there is no confusion. With a little practice, you'll find your way around the 400-square 20×20 hex coordinate system. Don't be put off by the 30-page rulebook. Absolutely everything is explained here in detail and compactly. (...)