About us

On the former airfield of the historic Butzweilerhof Airport in the north of Cologne, ideas for board games had been standing on the runway for several years. Now the engines were started and passengers were invited to get on board! Since 2021, the company Ornament Games has been publishing classic board games for analogue gaming fun with cards, dice and game pieces.

Stefan Scheidtweiler and Christian Peter Schäfer-Scheidtweiler are the people behind Ornament Games. They develop, publish and distribute on their own. The games of the start-up publishing house will be multifaceted but are always supposed to fascinate by a meaningful connection between theme and game mechanisms.

One production partner is the Bavarian company Ludo Fact, which stands for the highest quality in the production of board games for many years. At the Jettingen factory, Ludo Fact has been producing carbon neutrally since 2020.

On the other hand, Ornament Games produces at Media Gold in Krakow, Poland. This growing company supplies well-known game publishers from all over Europe.

By producing in Germany and Poland, Ornament Games also avoids deliberately unnecessary environmental pollution caused by long transport routes.