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In autumn 2024, we will release the German version of Eternitium.
Look forward to classic deck-building with fantastic illustrations!


- the gem that promises eternal life.
Nobody knows where it is or even in which era it can be found. The gem is protected by an ancient magic so that it can only be found if you arrive at a specific time!
A mad race between time travellers begins: create portals to jump to different eras. Use technology to reach the gem faster, gather helpful information or send the others on detours through time!
In this relentless competition, only one thing matters: who will find the Eternitium gem first?
You take on the role of time travellers who compete to get their hands on the Eternitium gem before the others. But it is not just a race, it is a race through different eras!
You can get closer and closer to the Eternitium gem by playing your action cards. Reveal it by gradually reducing the pile of era cards on it. Acquire new technologies to improve your decks. By using a clever tactical approach, you can be faster than the other time travellers.

An exciting deck-building game for beginners and advanced players. You have to reach the goal before the others by skilfully using your action cards. Improve your deck with technology cards that make you faster or manipulate the decks of others. However, acquiring any new technology requires time...
In solo mode, you can also compete alone with the card deck of an artificial intelligence. There are 10 missions to face further challenges.

Note: Here you can order the German version of Eternitium. For the English version please visit:

Product Details
1 - 5
30 Min
Thomas Carlier
Baptiste Perez
Fall 2024
14 x 14 x 5.2 cm

WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 months because of small parts that might be swallowed. Choking Hazard!

Incl. promo-card "Cyber Glasses" - exclusively only in our shop!

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