Du glaubst, dass das ganze Internet deine Schönheit bewundern will? 👄
Du bist bloß noch nicht entdeckt worden. 🙈
👉 Dieses Spiel ist dein Trainings-Camp 💪.
Du hast der Welt an jedem Tag sooo viel mitzuteilen? 📢
Dir hört aber nie jemand zu. 🙉
👉 Dieses Spiel ist deine Therapie. 🩹
Du findest dieses Internet-Social-Media-Ding irgendwie strange? 🙄
Du bist nicht allein. 👽
👉 Du wirst dieses Spiel lieben! 🧡

Influencer! #fame #shame #game

is an action-packed board game, 100% analog, with simple rules and retro charm. The satirical look at the business of influencers, pumped full of clichés like the lips of some social media beauty queens, ensures gaming fun and moments of foreign shame.

You'll roam the city hunting for the most lucrative posts. Get in shape at the gym, chill in the park, or get your wrinkles removed at the beauty doctor and show all this to your growing number of fans! A visit to the café will give you new power, and hip mega-hypes offer you chances to get lots of new followers - but do you still have time for that? Always choose the best challenges and plan your route. Quickly give your competitors a shitstorm, make an illegal YOLO-posting (...if no one sends the police after you!), and then rush off to the disco for the coolest party-posting ever! Crap, now you have to dodge the groupies blocking your way...

Will you be the first to get 1 million followers?
Product Details

2 - 6
25 - 70 min

Stefan Scheidtweiler &
Christian Schäfer-Scheidtweiler
Oct. 2022
29.5 x 29.5 x 3.5 cm
56 x 56 cm

To be released October 2022!

WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 months because of small parts that might be swallowed. Choking Hazard!